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Written by Tami Moser Ph.D., DBH

I’m a professional learner and professor. After spending 15 years in the corporate world, I moved to the crazy world of Higher Education. My learning journey resulted in a Ph.D., DBH, and a MPA. My free time is spent as a coach for working professionals and academics looking to expand their careers through higher education.

July 22, 2020

All of us need help to navigate our life’s journey at different times along the way. The Journey Coach is a combination of blog articles, videos, books, courses, and coaching opportunities to guide you to increase your effectiveness and productivity as you move forward on your journey to the future of your dreams. Think of the Journey Coach as a cartographer that specializes in mapping paths that are often treacherous.

A journey is made up of small steps that take us somewhere. Hopefully, we are journeying toward something that we want and not randomly meandering without a direction. My belief is that we all are on a journey of exploration, discovery, and learning. If you are like me, that journey has included, wrong paths, dead ends, backtracking, and moments of surprise, delight, loneliness, and frustration. I could continue to list a significant number of emotions and actions that make up my journey, but you get the idea. I believe strongly in the value of education and learning. At times, I pursued graduate education to further my career and others because I had a deep interest in a topic. My personal values associated with learning manifests through my career choices as an educator.

I’m sure that you have a reason for pursuing advanced education at this stage in your life and that WHY will help drive you when you face challenges on this new path. The advent of online degrees has offered more professionals an opportunity to pursue graduate and doctorate degrees while working full-time and this has increased the likelihood that you are now able to take steps toward a degree that was unattainable in the past. As you move forward in integrating education into your daily life, new challenges will pop up and create roadblocks. The juggle struggle gets real, fast!

Preparation is key to success, but preparing for the challenges that await you when juggling professional commitments, family time, social interactions, and educational pursuits, is often lonely and frustrating. Everyone benefits from guidance from those that have a similar experience. Let the Journey Coach help you! I look forward to hearing from you and helping you chart your journey.

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