Journey Coach

Tired of struggling to complete your doctoral journey while maintaining a healthy & productive life? 


Getting Started on Your Doctorate Journey

Need Help Prepping?

The doctorate journey has many different challenges.


Preparing yourself from the first class to succeed is vital to a successful finish.


Watch the Take Off Webinar to explore ways to improve your approach to your doctorate journey. 



  • 6 Articles to get you started.
  • 26 pages filled with actions you can take to improve today.
  • Easy to understand tips.

Technology to Support Your Journey


  • These templates are designed to help you get started in Notion. If you are interested in seeing specific types of templates please fill out the help form and I will add the template to the list.
  • Click on the picture or title of the template you want.
  • This will open the Notion template.
  • Click Duplicate in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Now you will see a copy of this database in the private section of your notion.

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