​Dissertation Accelerator

Learn how to transform your dissertation journey into one that is focused, productive, and successful!


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, mentally drained, and stressed every time you think about your dissertation?

  • Do you long for thoughtful actionable advice that will propel you closer to your dream?
  • Are you too scared to start, confidence shaken because you just cannot make any progress?
  • Unsure of what to do next, jumping around from one task to the next without seeing any significant progress, and looking for a solution to the never-ending struggle?
  • Do you feel abandoned by your Chair, constantly delayed waiting for feedback that often isn't helpful?
  • Are you tired of watching your relationships crumble and your emotional health suffers because of the stress?  Worried the dissertation will just make things worse?
  • Are you struggling to create a tactical plan that leverages your time efficiently without sacrificing your career, family, relationships, emotional & physical health?
  • Do you feel like you are drowning in a never-ending to-do list without an end in sight?

What if I told you that it was possible to transform your dissertation approach into one that is focused, productive, purposeful, and successful?

Envision how your life would change if you.....

Use your tactical plan to make significant progress every week on your dissertation. 


Consistently meet the goals you have set in your 90-day sprints so that you can move closer to earning your doctorate degree and advance in your career.


Cherish and nurture the vital relationships in your life so that they receive the attention that is needed to survive and thrive during this period in your life. 


Have an academically qualified team that supports and guides you so that ABD turns into PhD, DBA, DBH.... 


Start each day with purpose, excited and focused on the next actions that propel you closer to your goal. 


Finish your dissertation faster than you thought was possible freeing up the time and money that would have otherwise been used to slog through another two to four semesters working on your dissertation.  

This could be YOU!

You need to have a dissertation framework that uses thoughtful action, powerful purpose, and a support system for consistent momentum forward!

The 3-Part Dissertation Accelerator Framework

teaches you how to consistently make progress on your dissertation through thoughtful action leveraging a support framework while tapping into your powerful purpose! 

You need all 3 parts of the Dissertation Accelerator Framework!

  • If you don't have Thoughtful Action, you will continue to struggle to make significant progress and hit your dissertation goals in a reasonable time.
  • If you don't have a Support Framework in place, you will stay stuck lonely and scared of failure.
  • If you don't have a Powerful Purpose, you will continue to self-sabotage and struggle with obstacles and balance.

The truth is that this system provides the necessary support!

Can you complete the dissertation journey without the Dissertation Accelerator Framework? Yes, you can.


There is a multitude of books, blogs, support videos available to learners to help with this phase of doctoral work. Heck, I produce content that is openly available on my blog and YouTube Channel to support students. 


This information is useful but does not fully encompass what is really needed to support the completion of the dissertation journey. 


The reality is that there are many different aspects that need to be juggled effectively to move forward successfully in your dissertation. The dissertation requires project management skills, writing skills, conceptual thinking skills, and research skills. 


You must find the time and drive to effectively juggle all four of these areas in order to be successful. Success is not just finishing, but finishing as quickly as you can while meeting your goal for a quality dissertation. 


You do not have to struggle through this journey alone! 


Dissertation Accelerator 

A step-by-step system to help transform your chaotic and overwhelming dissertation journey into one that is focused on thoughtful action, powerful purpose, and support that adds value!

The Dissertation Accelerator is a unique program that combines 90-day planning sprints, training courses with podcasts and worksheets, a custom dissertation planner, a group coaching experience, co-working sessions, and a community. This system is designed to support forward momentum coupled with actionable advice so that you can successfully complete the dissertation!


What's included in the Dissertation Accelerator Program?

Dissertation Accelerator Curriculum

Gain instant access to the dissertation curriculum inside the Dissertation Accelerator membership site. 

  • Starting the Dissertation
    This is where you access podcasts, worksheets, information summaries, guided reflection, and take action lists designed to help you set yourself up for success.
  • Writing the Dissertation
    Access planners, articles, podcasts, videos, tutorials, and take action lists designed to support the completion of each part of the dissertation.
  • Updated Material
    Materials are updated regularly based on the feedback and requests that we receive.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

You heard it here, LIVE, WEEKLY group coaching calls with a coaching team member for 12 months or as long as you stay in the Accelerator Program. 46 weeks a year - we take time off at Christmas, New Year, and other scheduled times per year. There is one coaching call a week = 46 available per year. 

  • One-Hour Group Coaching Sessions
    Keep us on track and focused. Once a week join others working through the content of their dissertation. Work is reviewed live on the calls.
  • Content Focused on What Matters Most
    Get your questions answered by submitting topics and questions for coaching calls and attend live to directly interact with a coach and other members.
  • Recorded for Replay
    You may not be able to make it every time. We have you covered! Listen to replays of sessions.

90-Day Planning Sprints

Every quarter we host a live, virtual planning retreat! This is the best time to audit your dissertation progress and make tactical plans to accomplish the next stage of your dissertation journey. Four times a year.

  • Join us live for a virtual planning session.
    One to Two-hour planning sessions designed to walk you through a process focused on the milestones that matter to you.
  • Guided planning session with your goals in mind.
    This reflective process prepares you for the challenges in the next 90-day sprint and supports your achievement.
  • Get Feedback on Your Plan
    Want a coach to take a closer look at your 90-Day plan? Submit the plan for review after the Sprint.

Weekly Write Along Sessions

Every week we host a write-along session. This is a great time to get some work done with a community. Struggling with moving forward? Make progress with our Pomodoro-style sessions. 46 weeks a year.

  • Profess on Plan
    Set your intention for the completion of the work in each session to help reach your weekly writing goals. 
  • Accountability
    Set a goal for the one-hour session and check in with your progress at the end of the hour. Use this opportunity to hold yourself accountable to a coach for your progress.
  • Questions Answered
    Struggling with a particular piece of work? Join the co-working session and ask questions when you get stuck.

Dissertation Planner Contains

  • Two Distinct Planners
  • Starting - C3: 6 phases, 51 tasks, and 299 subtasks
  • Data Collection - Final Defense: 5 phases, 51 tasks, 424 subtasks
  • Kanban Board and advanced search functions
  • Submit files for review in weekly coaching sessions
  • Embedded instructions and exclusive podcasts and videos for the tasks in the dissertation planner.

Dissertation Project Planner

The Dissertation Project Planner is designed to support and track your progress as you move through all aspects of this audacious, exciting, and overwhelming process. 

  • Track all things IMPORTANT!
    Often the challenge is determining when, what, and how to get something done on your dissertation. The planner decreases stress and increases productivity. We have defined each task that needs to be completed in each phase of the dissertation. 
  • Never lose information again....
    This custom-designed planner captures all of the scattered notes and summaries that build up while working on the dissertation in an easy-to-use robust planner that can be searched for content.
  • Flexible System
    Designed in our system to grow with you as you progress. The planner can expand to help you manage just the dissertation work. But don't panic! This is not hard and you will receive training to use the planner. Want to change the views to better fit your brain...totally doable.

Direct Message a Coach

Run into a challenge, stuck, have a quick question? Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction. Help is never far away. 

  • Ask a Question
    Need to ask a quick question? Use our internal messaging system to send us a message or use Client Talk to attach a question to your dissertation project. 
  • Not sure where to ask a question?
    Submit the question using our ticket system. We will evaluate the request, respond directly with an answer, or use the question as a prompt for the weekly coaching sessions.

Journey Coach Nexus

The Nexus brings us together to share valuable stories, experiences, and ideas so that we can stay motivated, engaged, and on time and tackle the dissertation with vigor, dedication, and confidence!

  • Contribute to a Topic 
    Take time to share your successes and discuss your challenges with those joining coaching calls.
  • Community and Connection
    Find camaraderie, support, guidance, a kick in the pants, or a soft shoulder. No matter your current state 🤓🧐🥺😢😭😤🤬 our community is here for you without judgment.
  • Support and Guidance
    Form friendships and professional connections that will last a lifetime. 


You're a good fit for the Dissertation Accelerator if...

  • You are committed to taking 100% personal responsibility for your experience, your results, and your dissertation.
  • You commit to showing up for coaching, asking for feedback, engaging in the process, and using the framework to move forward in your dissertation journey.
  • You are ready and willing to change your actions, thoughts, and behaviors to facilitate your successful progress forward.
  • You are optimistic, dedicated, passionate, persistent, and coachable. Please only join if you are willing to bring a positive attitude, be open-minded, and support the others that are in the Accelerator.
  • You want to approach your dissertation the right way so that you can stop spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed, and endlessly struggling to meet deadlines. You are ready to buckle down and get it done!

Let's make it across that stage!


Tami is a coach, consultant, educator, and entrepreneur. She earned a Ph.D. in Organization and Management, a Doctorate in Behavioral Health (DBH), and a Masters in Public Administration. She finished these degrees while working full time and juggling family commitments. So she understands the juggle struggle!


Tami's career in higher education started in 2004 and has included chairing dissertations, serving on dissertation committees, building DBA programs, writing DBA courses, teaching in doctorate programs, and scoring comprehensive exams. Through her journey, she discovered how challenging it is to find support that is consistent and constructive. 


Tami is committed to supporting Ph.D. and Prof.D. candidates on their dissertation journey using the Dissertation Accelerator Framework. 




JOIN the Dissertation Accelerator & Hit Your Goals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions that you may have before you get started. Have a question that is not addressed? Click the help icon in the lower right-hand corner and send in the question. 

How long do I have access to the materials and coaching in the Accelerator?

If you pay the yearly fee at the discounted rate, then you have access for the 12 months from when you paid. If you pay using our installment plan, you have access as long as you are paying each month or until you cancel your plan. 

Can I get a refund?

We offer a 14-day refund period minus the $950 non-refundable fee. After that time period, there is not an option for a refund. You can choose to not renew your membership at the end of the 12-month period (paid in full) or you can cancel your membership with 30 days' notice. 

What happens after I apply to the program?

You will receive an email acknowledging that we received your application and some additional information. Because of the volume of applications, it may take up to 7 days for us to thoroughly and thoughtfully review your application and alert you to the status. 

If I apply and am accepted, am I committed to paying for a membership?

No, you do not commit to anything by applying for the program. If you are a good fit, you will receive an email with the next step. You will receive additional information and the cost. At that point, you can make a decision on whether you want to join the Dissertation Accelerator. 

What if I will finish my dissertation before the 12 month time period?

We would recommend that you choose the payment plan option. This will allow you to cancel your membership with 30-days' notice. As you near the end of your program, you can cancel the membership. NOTE: It still might be less expensive to pay in full because of the discounted rate. 

What if I cannot always attend the coaching sessions? Is this still worth the membership?

Yes. The weekly coaching sessions and the 90-day planning sprints are recorded. You can benefit from the information even if you are unable to attend every session in person. Live is better, but not always necessary. 

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