The Missing Piece to the Doctoral Puzzle




Do you often answer yes to one or the following questions?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the list of reading and assignments?
  • Are you overworked but falling behind week after week?
  • Are you confused about what to do next?
  • Are you too scared, to get any work done...feel frozen?
  • Are you uncertain how to chart a path forward so that you can make significant progress?
  • Are you exhausted as you try to plow through everything that needs to be done and feeling like a failure because of what you fail to get to?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions,
this program is for you!




Completing a doctorate while maintaining a healthy and productive career and family life is

difficult, time-consuming, and requires sacrifice.


Don't freak out! The fact that there are challenges along this path doesn't mean that the journey is not manageable.


You will transform during this process and should thrive and not just survive.  


The fact is you know that you need help and guidance beyond what the University and faculty provide, but you are not sure where to turn for help. You may just be starting the doctorate, halfway through, or starting the dissertation.  


We can help you at any stage.


Most who pursue advanced education are successful in their careers, efficiently completed a master's degree, and are left struggling to understand why tackling a doctorate leaves them feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and lacking skill


Welcome to the transformation!


This journey transforms how you think, conceptualize, analyze complex material, plan and organize work, tackle adversity, and write.


We address some of the most common challenges that you will face through our programs helping learners get off to a strong start, stay focused throughout, thrive during the dissertation, and tackle life beyond the dissertation.


Why is the Journey Coach necessary? 

We offer unique options to support you through every stage of your doctorate journey and beyond.  Let me tell you why this program is designed for your unique needs....

My name is Tami Moser. I have gone on this journey twice earning a Ph.D. in Management with a specialization in HRM and a Doctorate in Behavioral Health (DBH) with a specialization in quality outcomes using integrated health care teams. I've helped design and write curriculum for doctorate programs, scored comprehensive exams, served as a chair of dissertations, and served as a dissertation committee member. 


I've experienced what you are going through, twice! What have I discovered? It doesn't have to be soooo hard!! There is a more focused, organized, productive path forward. My purpose is to support doctoral learners and candidates throughout their journey. In the end, well, there is life beyond the dissertation and we can help with that as well! 

I've Been Where You Are...

Why not go back to school, you know you want to, and really, how hard can it be? You’ve successfully completed a degree(s) before, your career is rocking, you know how to focus and get shit done. Right?


But, OH BOY, has this new journey you’ve started been filled with challenges.


First, getting organized and keeping up with the work while dealing with work deadlines, family schedules, and your physical/mental/emotional wellbeing has not been as simple as you thought.


Second, no matter where you are in the journey, new challenges keep tripping you just as you hit your stride. Every new disruption makes you doubt your abilities.


You are not crazy nor are you incompetent.


This is simply part of the reality of going back to school and I have journeyed down that same road. I’ve tripped over those branches and stubbed my toes on those rocks. I’ve fallen into a few ditches while trudging through to the end.


This makes me uniquely qualified to help you on your journey. The time I’ve spent creating and teaching in online doctorate courses, and serving as a chair and a committee member on dissertations provides an additional lens to support you as you go down a similar path.


We offer unique options to help support you during this journey!

JOURNEY COACH, Support Options


Each Stage of the Journey

Requires, a thoughtful approach to propel you forward......



Tired of struggling to complete your doctoral journey while maintaining a healthy & productive life? 

Explore your options..... 


Dissertation Accelerator Group Coaching

Transform your dissertation approach into one that is focused, productive, purposeful, and successful!





Not ready to join the Accelerator? Just need additional information as you work on your dissertation? Then Starting & Writing the Dissertation may be enough.



Graduate Success Secrets

We offer opportunities for you to get help as you start your doctorate or move through the coursework. Create a foundation for sustainable success.



Beyond the Dissertation

Create a concrete plan for leveraging your doctorate for the future you envision. 




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